Willow 1989 By: Capcom

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It is a time of great turmoil to the world. Bavmorda, a former messenger from the Spirit of the Skies, has turned towards evil. Her plan is to rule the world through her twisted magics. Her force is incredible and her armies are unstoppable. She even dared to transform Fin Raziel, the messenger from the Spirit of the Earth, into a small animal. Bavmorda believes that there is no one that can stop her.

But she had not heard of the tribe of the Nelwyns. There had been a prophecy among these people that one of their tribe would help lead the world out of its darkest hour. The High Aldwyn, the wizard of the Nelwyn tribe, recognized Willow Ufgood as the chosen one. The adventure begins for Willow as he leaves his family and friends and sets out to stop all of the evil that Bavmorda has created.

--From the NES Willow instruction manual.

Available: 3
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Defeat Bavmorda and her minions with your sword and magic. Your sword (once obtained) can be used in two different ways. Jab and Swipe. To Jab, move while pressing B. To Swipe, stand still and press B.
You can also cast magic(once obtained) with A.

A Button Use Magic
B Button Use Sword
Start Button Menu
Select Button Nothing
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