Wrecking Crew 1985 By: Nintendo

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This Nintendo Programmable game lets you design your own buildings, place barriers where you want them, and then get set to demolish them in record time. So you can build a different maze of obstacles to tear down every game! You can also choose to knock through a series of walls pre-programmed by Nintendo. Each wall gets tougher, and you have to be clever to keep away from monsters like "Gotcha Wrench" and "Egg Plant Man", blazing Fireballs, and the mean "Foreman Spike".

--From the NES Wrecking Crew instruction manual.

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Another great Nintendo game starring Mario, this time as a demolitionist. Grab your Hammer and get ready to Wreck!


This is sort of a puzzle game in that you have to figure out how to get all the breakable objects broken, while avoiding monsters and such. Of course in the early stages it's pretty simple but you'll have to figure out a few tricks to get through the later rounds. There are 100 in all. Also, here's a fun feature: if you don't like the scenes that are provided in the game you can create your own. Build a building just for the fun of smashing it down, or build a real puzzler and challenge your friends.
Flat walls, support beams and white ladders take 1 hit, light bricks take 2, and dark bricks take 3 hits. Hitting a bomb will destroy a row of consecutive objects and knock down enemies, but it will knock Mario down too if he stays in front of it.
One warning note: your hammer is not an offensive weapon, you can't hurt your enemies with it. Knock open the green doors to send the bad guys over to the wrong side of the wall, then you'll be safe for a while.

A Button Swing Hammer
B Button Swing Hammer
Start Button Start or Pause
Select Button Return to Main Menu
Golden Hammer
In some screens there is a chance to get a super strong hammer which will make your life easier and the level faster. It will be hidden inside certain bombs, and you have to destroy the right objects in a certain sequence to get it. If you see objects popping out of a bomb, it's a clue that the level could contain a magic hammer. A Duck tells you you're not getting it right but lets you know it can be done. A Santa Clause tells you that you've got a good deal of the sequence right, and a Bunny tells you you're very close to the winning sequence.
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