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The year is 1999. Strange phenomena has begun to take place on the surface of the earth. Destructive earthquakes and volcanic eruptions have scarred the earth, altering the vital ecological balance of our planet.

Worried leaders of the world have summoned their brightest scientists to discuss the possible reasons and repercussions if the phenomena continues to destroy the planet.

A decision has been made to mobilize a team of scientists to explore the phenomena deep below the surface. With the Marine Corps as the crew, a multi-configuration vehicle, the VZR, was prepared for the mission. Those that have seen a VZR in action have begun to call it the Wurm.

One by one, four VZRs were quickly dispatched. All four became lost and any attempts to establish contact with the lost crews proved to be futile.

A special unit of the Marines has been called in to rescue the vanished crews in the face of what appears to be more than just geological phenomena.

But as the young Marines boarded the Wurm, they couldn't help but wonder: "What happened to the others?"

--From the NES Wurm instruction manual.

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