Xenophobe 1988 By: Sunsoft

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Xenophobe (Zee-no-phobe) n. One who has a deadly fear of anything alien.

1. To exterminate hostile alien life forms (called "Xenos") that are infesting derelict space stations and moon bases.
2. To collect various forms of valuable hardware found at each derelict space station and moon base.

--From the NES Xenophobe instruction manual.

Available: 3
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Kill monsters. Get stuff. Couldn't be simpler. Oh... and don't get killed yourself. Those Xenos are mean, and your Phobia is well-founded.


Xenophobe is a port from an arcade game which originally allowed up to three players at the same time. The NES version uses a split screen, with Player 1 in the top and Player 2 in the bottom. The graphics are somewhat lacking, but Xenophobe is surprisingly fun to play, with its variety of characters, monsters, and items.
First you get to choose your character from three Xenophobe Exterminators. As far as I know this is merely an aesthetic choice, but none of your options are particularly pleasing to the eye. Next your ship delivers you to the base, where your job is to kill everything that moves. Some enemies will drop items which you can pick up, including ID cards, Fuel, Medicine, Skulls, Tools, and Knives. They are worth bonus points at the end of the mission, and some give you back some of your lost health. Occasionally you can also get weapons upgrades. These include the Laser Pistol, Lightning Gun, Smoke Gun, and Bombs. The Smoke Gun has the most powerful shot but a very short range.
A great variety of enemies await, some apparently fixed to certain locations, others appearing randomly wherever your explorations take you. There is no set number of enemies or items per level, so just destroy as many as you can in order to clear the mission. If you take too long, the base will self-destruct!

A Button Jump, Get Item, Sit or crawl (+Down), Stand up, Call Elevator, Throw Bomb
B Button Fire Weapon
Start Button Start, Pause Game
Select Button Choose 1 or 2 Players, Choose Exterminator
Health Recovery
Sorry, this isn't a cheat to help you recover your health, it's a warning to watch your health carefully. There are only three ways to get health back in Xenophobe: find Medicine, find the Coffe Cup, and clear the level of Xenos. Since you can't count on finding the power-ups you need, concentrate on killing Xenos as quickly as possible. If the end message says "Overrun by Xenos" then you lose points and don't recover any health points. That's a bad thing.
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