Xevious 1988 By: Bandai

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XEVIOUS is the classic arcade game brought to home use by Bandai. The game begins with Solvalou fighters flying over the XEVIOUS enemy territory. You are controlling Solvalou with its anti-aircraft missiles and surface bombs. The bomb site is shown on the indicator attached to the front of Solvalou so you can drop bombs on the enemy bases as they appear during your flight. Additionally, the enemy Floating Fortresses, Ando Ageanesis will appear. Your goal is to destroy them and proceed on with your mission.

--From the NES Xevious instruction manual.

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Xevious is a pretty fun game. It's a lot like 1942 or Star Force. It scrolls to the top of the screen with an overhead view. The gameplay was almost the same except for the lack of level seperation and the addition of ground bombs. It's a lot of fun, but it is pretty hard. The thing that makes it the hardest is the speed of your ship. It doesn't move very fast at all. It's still a lot of fun, so if you like flying shoot em up games, give Xevious a try.


It is your jobas a Salvalou to stop the Xevious forces from taking over our world.

A Button Bomb
B Button Shoot
Start Button Start/Pause
Select Button Select
When you come across a fortress, be sure to drop a bomb on it as soon as possible, They shoot like crazy.
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