Xexyz 1989 By: Hudson Soft

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In the year 2777, the earth existed in a totally different atmosphere. Due to nuclear wars and natural disasters, the population decreased dramatically and only five small islands existed on the surface of the earth. Those five islands formed a nation and for hundreds of years people lived peacefully. The new nation is called XEXYZ. At XEXYZ, aside from human beings, there exist fairies and spirits who lived under the ruling of King Xeu Star. But one day, XEXYZ was attacked by the mechanic fortress, GORUZA, from outer space. XEXYZ did not have many weapons to fight back and was forced to surrender. GORUZA built mechanic castles on each island, captured a queen from each island and confined them. King Xeu Star was murdered and his only daughter, Maria Star, has been missing since then. Battle-soldier Apollo could not endure the cruel treatment of GORUZA any longer. So he put on his space battle suit and challenged the mechanic beasts' empire!

--From the NES Xexyz instruction manual.

Available: 3
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All in all this is a fun game to play and for the year it was made in this game is pretty inteligent too. Their are several rooms you can enter each with something nice or bad. Some examples are: a treasure room, faeiries to help you to save thier princess, a wizard to give you abilities, power ups from some sort of king who charges you E, Gambling, and many more. You play the role as Apollo and from the very first room the faeries try to help you ut and tell you what you need to get. Room by room you'll become better and better with more E to spend. This game for being so old is very entertaining and is one odd journey. Never have I seen an astronaut ride a flying turtle or a wizard on a Mars like planet.


Your on some sort of distant planet and you need to go save the princess. Along the way you can gain powerups either from wizards for free or other rooms where they charge E in order to get an item. Some will give you helth or more money. Their are several rooms and side quests before you can save the princess. Make sure your health doesn't empty out and make sure to sue your gone to kill any oppositin you may face. Enter ever area you can to see what is inside, good or bad!

A Button Shoot
B Button Jump
Start Button Start/Pause
Select Button Select New Game or Continue
Press B, A, B, Start,↑,↓ at start of game

17597 1069B Area 1-1
772FB B469B Area 1-2
58E8B 11F91 Area 1-3
482F8 B9A1E Area 10-1
34D30 26EOA Area 11-1
CA249 BDD85 Area 12-1
568A8 E2D85 Area 12-2
C10CE 60A14 Area 12-3
361B7 C9185 Area 2-1
7955E BFC1E Area 3-1
696B3 BA491 Area 3-3
C9646 47D1E Area 4-1
5F5A4 90D9B Area 5-1
07A50 8D614 Area 5-2
0CB01 5E88F Area 6-1
C519D 33814 Area 7-1
217B1 5719B Area 7-2
0A21D 2D814 Area 8-1
6FD8D C660A Area 9-1
6F769 32C0A Area 9-2
99363 B4585 Area 9-3
A2A4A 6A8A0 Even Stages
BBA13 57912 Odd Stages
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