Yoshi 1991 By: Nintendo

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Yoshi is an action puzzle game starring Mario's dinosaur buddy Yoshi, and other familiar characters like Little Goomba and Blooper. Once again, Mario is going to have to battle away to save Yoshi, who is imprisoned in an egg. Match the egg shells to release Yoshi and score big points!

--From the NES Yoshi instruction manual.

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In all, Yoshi is a fun and quite addictive game, just as Tetris was. Using some of Mario's familiar foes to add some fun. There is really no back-story to the game, but it appeals to anyone who knows Mario and Yoshi. Flipping at the bottom can be a bother and hard to control which makes this game all the more fun. You can make such killer scores with this game! It's one just to have fun.


By controlling Mario at the bottom of the platform, make Mario flip the columns so the falling pieces match 2 enemies of Mario's. The 4 possible enemy matches are some of Mario's most recognizable enemies (Squid, Goomba, Boo, and Piranha). You can also get enemies trapped between 2 halves of the eggshell and the egg will fall and eliminate each one and make a Yoshi baby. In 2 modes, both resembling Tetris, a free score mode and an eliminate all enemies mode. Go wild on Yoshi's debut game!

A Button Flip Columns
B Button Flip Columns
Start Button Start/Pause
Select Button Select Players
Column Switch
Remember you can switch columns even while waiting for things to fall. Watch the top of the screen to see what's next, and try to set up for the next turn before the current objects get all the way down. This can be especially useful if you switch a falling object with a column higher than that object. The object keeps falling at the same rate and gives you some time to plan.
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