Yoshi's Cookie 1992 By: Nintendo

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Yoshi's Cookie is a fast-paced puzzle game that can be enjoyed by everyone as it is easy to play, but challenging to complete! To play, move the randomly placed cookies (HEART, FLOWER, DIAMOND, CHECK, CIRCLE and YOSHI [Yoshi's face]) into rows and columns of cookies with similar patterns. When you successfully assemble a row or column of the same cookies, the line will disappear and you can start working on a new row or column. The "Yoshi" Cookie is very special in both the 1-player game, a screen-clearing game, and the 2-player game, a race that lets you test a friend's skill. Since the Yoshi Cookie is the key to both games, you must use it wisely to avoid sticky situations.

--From the NES Yoshi's Cookie instruction manual.

Available: 2
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Anyone who is easily addicted to puzzle games will find themselves wrapped up with this game and playing it for hours! With so many unique combinations to pull off, it will keep you guessing which way is best. The higher your score goes, the more you want to play.
Mario is the baker and is pulling the levers as you decide which cookie to slide where to make a connection. Once you get the concept of this game there is no telling how much time you'll waste. Playing against friends is just as amusing and plain fun! This game is definitely a classic to try out!
The cookies look like lovely little sugar cookies and some seem to be overflowing with jam. MMMMMMMMM. Makes me hungry. O.K. so the graphics aren't that great, but I've said it before and I'll say it now: when you love a puzzler you probably don't care about the graphics. The music is repetitive and reminiscent of a music box, but you get your choice of three tunes and they aren't that bad.


Not resembling the original Yoshi, in this game you try to match cookie patterns by sliding them to complete a full row or column. Move the cursor to the desired row and hold it in place as you use the directional buttons to slide the row. When all the cookies on a row match, it will disappear.
The cookies will collapse and any rows that are completed by the elimination of the previous row will disappear too. Get a large combo for a high score. Fill up the red blocks to the side of the cookies and you will get a Yoshi cookie which is a wild card and will eliminate some pesky mismatched cookies for you if you play it right.
Once again, the supposed Mario is the one pulling the levers you control! He's everywhere!

A Button Hold To Move Column
B Button Speed up new Cookies
Start Button Start Round/Pause
Select Button Select Players
Beyond Round 10
At the Options screen, select High Speed and Music Off, then go back up to Round and hold Up as you press select. You'll be able to start on any round from 1-99. Then you can turn the speed back down if you want, you get new choices for music, and the cookies are replaced by some familiar little guys (if you've played the original Yoshi)!
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