Zen Intergalactic Ninja 1993 By: Konami


How it got to be Zen's job to take out the trash

Zen would have been nothing more than a speck of space dust if he had stayed on his birth planet. But lucky for him, and for intergalactic ecology, he was rescued by the Masters. It was on their planet OM that the young Zen learned a futuristic form of ninja and meditation for superior mental ability. As he got older, these skills earned him the reputation of being the most sought after soldier-of-fortune in the cosmos.

Zen even captured the attention of the Gordons, an ancient alien race of high intelligence. They observed the brash blue vigilante on routine missions as he brought swarms of interstellar outlaws to their knees with his Photon-Stick. Just the Intergalactic Warrior for the job. The Gordons, being the environ- mental watchdogs of the entire galaxy, hired our hero to be their enforcer. Zen thought it sounded like an easy job on the third planet from a sun in the Milky Way galaxy. Little did he know he was about to face his ultimate neme- sis.

The trouble starts on Planet Earth, one of the Gordons' most amusing favorites, at the brink of serious disaster. Just when Earthlings have started to become more careful about how they treat their planet, they're plagued by the crazy plans of the putrid Lord Contaminous. The treacherous Contaminous emerged from a festering toxic waste dump and he and his army of foul followers are out to trash the biosphere. To make things more complicated, an Earthboy named Jeremy has accidentally discovered the Geocrystal, a gem with the power to save the world, and the forces of Contaminous will stop at nothing to snag that rock.

So Zen must save Jeremy the Starchilde, pocket the Geocrystal and defeat the supreme forces of filth if Planet Earth is to ever see another Earth Day! Read on to see how you can help.

--From the NES Zen Intergalactic Ninja instruction manual.


Early video games were endless streams of Aliens and Ninjas to kill, now they've been put together!


There are Three type of gameplay areas.

Isometric- This mode puts you behind Zen as he goes through a level. Time your jumps well, as this mode may cause you to misjudge the distance. Defeat the boss at the end of the level.

Side Scroller- Straightforward; go through the level, beat the boss. In this mode Zen can hang from thick platforms and pipes.

Mine Cart- Use your Bo Staff to hit the switches while avoiding pits, rocks and other hazards. Defeat the boss at the end.

A Button Jump
B Button Attack
Start Button Pause
Select Button Use item
Password for the Last Level
At the password screen enter-
Bottle, Tire, Can, Can
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