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After the success of "Bonk's Adventure", it came as no surprise that a follow-up was on the horizon. That follow-up came in the form of "Bonk's Revenge", a title that stayed true to the formula that made Bonk such a success in the first place, but did a great job of improving on various aspects of its predecessor and deepening the gamers' experience.

In "Bonk's Revenge" the evil King Drool III is looking to settle the score with Bonk. How does one accomplish this? By stealing half the moon (players might remember that Bonk visited the moon at the end of the first entry in the series) ,and building a monster kingdom that threatens to destroy Bonk's world of course! Drool's monster kingdom includes a battleship, railways, and even a space rocket launching pad. For the good of the prehistoric universe, he must be stopped!

Like the original, "Bonk's Revenge" is a side scrolling 2d adventure in which players must make their way through numerous levels and bosses in order to stop King Drool's plans for prehistoric domination. "Bonks revenge" has noticeably vibrant colors, more detailed and denser levels, and more in depth environmental interaction than the original, but it is every bit as fun to play (if not more so). Many thanks to Console Classix for offering one of the best games that the TG-16 system has to offer.


The player is given an option to choose a playing mode at the title screen. Each mode effects Bonk's starting health, as well as limits the levels that can be accessed. Practice mode will grant Bonk eight health hearts to start, but only allows Bonk access to level 1. Intermediate mode will start Bonk off with five health hearts, and allow Bonk to access levels 1 - 4. Expert mode grants Bonk the standard three health hearts and give Bonk full access to all of the levels. Bonk's vitality is illustrated in the form of red hearts at the upper left corner of the screen. Bonk can increase his vitality by obtaining crystal, or blue heart power-ups.

Bonk will start all of these modes with two lives. Extra lives can be obtained when the player's score reaches 20,000, and again at 60,000, and then every 50,000 points after that. Bonk will score points for destroying enemies, and eating various foods. When all of Bonk's lives have been used the player is given the option to continue by pressing the Run button. Upon continuing, Bonk will be returned to the beginning of the last stage where he expired. The player is afforded the opportunity to continue three times.

Bonk battles his opponents with head-butts, flying head drops, flying head spins, and Bonk's newest ability, fire breathing. Bonk has the ability to spin rapidly in mid-air, and slow his descent, by holding the II button after jumping. Bonk is able to grow stronger and can be granted special attack abilities upon consuming power-ups.

Power-ups can grant Bonk points, unlock bonus stages, and augment his attack abilities. Power-ups appear throughout the game, and can be harvested from a variety of multi-colored plants. Some plant colors can be changed by head-butting them prior to jumping on and harvesting. Yellow flowers allow Bonk to jump high in the air, pink flowers produce life heart fruit, orange flowers produce meat and propeller floret seeds, and blue flowers produce a large heart or an extra life.

There are eight bonus stages hidden within levels. Accessing bonus stages grants Bonk the opportunity to accrue huge amounts of bonus points. A special Monster Train bonus stage can be accessed after completing a round, depending on the number of smiley face power ups that Bonk has accrued. The Monster Train is packed with power-ups and is a good opportunity to restore Bonk's vitality before progressing.

- TG-16 Controller -
Up Used to move up, enter elevators, bonus stages, and swim up
Down Move down
Left Move left
Right Move right
I Jump, spam to climb and swim
II Head-butt, shoot fire, spin in air, head-drop
Select N/A
Run Pause, and used to activate extra lives
Power-up Items:
Small meat - power up one level, grants ability to freeze enemies
Large meat - power up two levels, grants fire breathing ability and invincibility for 10 seconds
Small heart - replenishes a single vitality heart
Large heart - replenishes entire vitality gauge
Life fruit - slightly replenish vitality, worth 200 points
Junk food - grants Bonk points
Propeller flower seed - grants Bonk the gift of flight
Little Bonk - grants an extra life
Powered-up Bonk - creates two different powerful Bonks
Mad Bonk - doubles attack power, head drop will freeze enemies with smoke
Fire breathing Bonk - 3x attack power, pushing button I makes Bonk spew fire, head drop severely damages enemies

Press I and II at the title screen to access any of the bonus rounds.
Accrue 50 smiley faces and reach the Monster Train to meet Princess Za who will warp you through a stage.
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