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"Falcon" is a masterfully crafted, punishing flight simulator that was released for the TG-16 system in 1992. The "Falcon" series is well known to computer gamers, but hard to find. Thanks to Console Classix this game is once again available to any gamer with a computer. "Falcon" was at one time regarded as the most detailed and accurate flight simulators available, and was praised by actual F-16 fighter pilots. "Falcon" was not made to appeal to the lowest common denominator, and didn't sacrifice cockpit nuance for approachability.

While the F-16 express is available for adventure, players familiar with the computerized version will find the TG-16 port a little bit clunkier than the original, and slightly less complete (due to the limited buttons of the controller), but fun and challenging none the less. While the limited function of the TG-16 version means that "Falcon" doesn't operate as a full flight simulator, the simplification means that this version is a bit smoother in regards to the combat.


Player's are given a choice of twelve different missions, including air-to-air and air-to-ground missions, each rewarding the player for completing missions at higher skill levels. Missions are played in a detailed, first person cockpit view that features a heads-up display showing your F-16's readouts, including fuel, damage, and radar.

Before partaking in the white knuckled aerial combat action that awaits, you must carefully chose your jet's equipment. The items that you choose to equip should be determined by the type of mission your F-16 is executing. If dog fighting looks like a strong possibility, be sure to equip Electronic Counter Measure pods, which allow you to detect enemy aircraft without giving away your position, as well as guided missiles to destroy your targets. If bombing a nuclear power plant is in your mission dossier, then you should elect to take extra fuel and unguided missiles that do more extensive damage against armored targets.

- TG-16 Controller -
Up Fly down
Down Pull up
Left Turn left
Right Turn right
I Missiles
II Machine Gun
Select N/A
Run Pause
Make sure your load-out is consistent with your mission objective.
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