Neutopia 2 1992 By: Hudson Soft

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"Neutopia 2" is an overhead 2D action-adventure game that bares many similarities to the original "Neutopia" (which bore many similarities to "The Legend of Zelda"). In my review of "Neutopia", I observed, despite accusations of being a Zelda clone, that anyone who enjoyed Zelda would enjoy this series. The same can be said for "Neutopia 2", but perhaps with even more confidence, as this sequel looks and feels exceedingly similar to the original, but with many added improvements. Better graphics and sound, and noticable controller response, and gameplay improvements make this sequel a pleasure to play. In "Neutopia 2", the land of Neutopia just seems richer. Interactions with NPC's isn't nearly as arduous as in the original, NPCs actually give good advice and seem to have a more developed and distinct character. The game is much larger than the original in terms of scope and depth, and the inventory and item system has been improved as well. "Neutopia 2" succeeds in improving on the original, while staying true to the style of play that made "Neutopia" (and "The Legend of Zelda") such a hit with gamers in the first place. The ability to save progress, as enabled by the Console Classix emulator, negates the most common complaint of gamers of having to use long passwords to restore progress.

In "Neutopia 2", players control the son of Jazeta (the hero of the original). The Evil Dirth has risen again, and the Neutopians are hiding in caves and other secret places far beneath the Earth in fear of evil spirits. As the son of Jazeta, you will embark on a journey to save the world, now bound in fear and darkness, you will also seek to find the truth about your father's disappearance. As the warrior descendent of the true Murdock, you will receive help from various characters, including Nanyo, the great scientist, and Regor, the Weapon Maker.


"Neutopia 2" plays almost identically to the original. "Neutopia 2" is much larger than the original, though its mechanics function in the exact same way. The player must recover the stolen treasures before confronting Dirth, and saving the world. The Charmed Compass indicates where labyrinths are, and treasure locations hidden within. Each labyrinth contains a treasure. At the end of each labyrinth, the player must defeat a boss to recover the treasure. Crystal balls will reveal the labyrinth map, while Boom Bombs blast through walls, revealing hidden rooms and corridors. When the player's life gauge pales to pure white, the player will die. On the TG-16 console a password was required to save progress, however, on the Console Classix emulator the player can simply save at will.

"Neutopia 2" features a host of characters to interact with that can assist our hero on his quest. Some of these characters sell items, such as bombs and medicine, so be sure to collect as much gold as possible. "Neutopia 2" features more characters, and items than the original, and also features non-linear gameplay throughout parts of the story.

- TG-16 Controller -
Up Move up
Down Move down
Left Move left
Right Move right
I Sword attack / Initiate conversation
II Use selected item
Select N/A
Run Swith between main and sub screens
Make sure to utilize the save points that can be found before each labyrinth.
In labyrinths, bombs can be utilized to demolish walls, revealing hidden rooms.
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