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Welcome, humble players to the realm of the ninja. I Mori, will train you in the arts of Ninjitsu. You must be prepared for the amazing journey you are about to take. Never forget... a ninja is heart, body, mind and spirit. When the four work together as one ... a ninja cannot be beaten!

As Rocky, you must be the strength of the team. Use your gifts well to overcome great adversity. As Colt, you must be the speed of the team. Control your temper and use the inner energy as a powerful weapon. As Tum Tum, you are the stealth of the team. Use your small size as an advantage against those who do not know your fury. (Oh, Turn Turn, cut down on the snacks!)

Work well together young ones. Count on each other's strength to help you conquer all of your goals. Learn well and never fear the shadows, for they are like your brothers.

The story unfolds as Grandpa Mori leads the 3 Ninjas (Rocky, the eldest brother, Colt, the middle brother, and Tum Tum, the youngest brother) in the final stages of his Ninjitsu training program. Old Mori may look like an old man, but he sure doesn't move like one as he eludes the young warriors time after time. No one is hurt as they scuffle and toss each other across the forest in the session.

Once the training is complete, Mori tells the youngsters that he must return to his village in Japan to present a ceremonial dagger to the winner of a martial arts tournament. Legend has it that the dagger makes up part of the necessary "key" to unlock a mystical cave of gold. Mori never fell for the legend, but his rival of long ago does. Word has spread of Mori's return to his native land and evil plots have begun to rid Mori of his coveted dagger.

Can the 3 ninjas save their grandfather and deliver the dagger to the rightful owner?

--From the SNES 3 Ninjas Kick Back instruction manual.

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     What? They couldn’t afford Mr. Miyagi? No, they hired some second-tier video-game hack-star known as Mr. Mori. He even looks like Mr. Miyagi. Guess Noriyuki 'Pat' Morita should have gotten his face copyrighted. And our three heroes are just a rehash of My Three Sons. I thought reruns were only on TV.

      This game has beautiful scenery. Everything is colorful; it’s like staring at a box of Crayola Crayons, not the 16 pack, but the one with 128 colors. You know, the one with burnt sienna (whatever that is). The characters' moves are fast and furious. The designers didn’t hold back on the RAM used here. None of that cheap swipe-swipe movements, this has blur-swipe movements. Of course when your character starts opening a can of you-know-what on somebody, you will appreciate all those quick moves.
     And the sounds are as detailed as the graphics. A cornucopia for the ears. Everything has a sound, even falling rocks. When a rock falls, you actually hear it break apart on the ground. How is that for realism? OK, in reality rocks don’t break apart and make a special sound when they hit the ground, but maybe they should. If a tree falls in this forest, you will sure hear it here. If it weren’t for all of the killing, I could see myself vacationing here.
     There are six stages in the game: The Woods, The Cabin and The Cave (both in stage two), The Hospital, The Japanese Garden, The Dojo and Castle Osaka. Things are never easy for a traveling Adventurer, even Grandpa Mori will beat you up, so don’t expect them to be easy here. Everything moves quickly and only gains speed and danger as you advance. Look fondly on the problems that you encounter today, because tomorrow there will be something worse.

     Neil Diamond
     Stones would play inside her head,

     And where she slept, they made her bed.

     And she would ache for love and get

      But stones.

     La la la la la la la la la la home.
     Lordy child a good days comin',

     And I'll be there to let the sun in,

     And bein' lost is worth the comin' home.

     La la la la la la la la la on stones.


     According to the manual, only when you are playing in the easy mode can you switch to another character and then only after you have won a stage and entered the password that you will receive. So choose wisely.  Each brother has special weapons, skills, and moves as listed below:
     Rocky uses a staff, has a spinning kick, and collects Throwing Stars for tossing at enemies. If Rocky finds a Green Mask, he gets an extra life
     Colt uses a sword, does a spinning blade, and collects daggers for tossing at enemies. If Colt finds a Blue Mask, he gets an extra life.
     Tum Tum uses a Sai (jabbing weapon), uses a rolling attack, and collects small Sais for tossing at enemies. If Tum Tum finds a Yellow Mask, he gets an extra life.


     Special Moves take energy, so use them sparingly. Also, button-push sequence apparently is important. Note that B+A is a flying kick, but A+B is the Special Move.


     Several secret areas exist which can only be opened by bomb blasts. Be on the lookout for trampolines and deadly objects that you might be able to use. Look for food and the Yin Yang symbol to replenish energy. The Glass Orb, The Gemstone and the Gold Star provide points that can be exchanged for extra lives when you reach certain levels of points. Crystal Balls (Blue, Red and Yellow) provide temporary increases of special shots, destroys all enemies on screen, and provide temporary increase of strength, respectively. You gather objects by simply passing over them.
     After you have jumped for something like a swinging vine, you must press Up on the D-Control to actually catch hold of it.

A Button Attack
B Button Jump
C Button Bomb
A + B Special Move
B + A Flying Kick
UP + A Overhead Slash
UP + B Grab Hang-Ons
DOWN + B Platform Drop
UP + RIGHT Crawl Right
DOWN + LEFT Crawl Left
Start Button Start / Select
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