7th Saga 1993 By: Enix America Inc.

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Story: Five thousand years ago in Ticondera, Saro defeated Gorsia because he had the power of the seven runes. Since then the runes have been separated and scattered around the world. Now Lemele, son of Saro, has become the ruler of the world after defeating a demon named Gariso. King Lemele has hand picked seven apprentices and trained them for five years to find the seven runes. Each rune has a power that can be used by the wielder, and the first to collect all seven is to become Lemele's heir.
This RPG is best know for its high difficulty level. To most people it is considered one of the hardest RPG's on the SNES. Seventh Saga was definitely more dungeon/battle oriented rather than being so storyline heavy. There were only a few cut scenes. The translation leaves a little to be desired, but the game is still a lot of fun to play. The incorporation of a radar to this RPG was a very useful tool. The king has given you a crystal ball. It lets you know where the enemies and towns are, along with other important items.
The graphics were very good for SNES. The sound and music leave a little something to be desired, though. Overall, it was definitely a triumph for Enix.


7th Saga has seven playable characters, each with their own purpose and story-lines. All the players are on an aggressive quest to find seven lost mystical Runes. Players will come into contact with the other six characters, anywhere from a Tetsujin robot to a hostile alien, throughout their journey, battling or joining them in their quest.
Kamil is a human fighter. He can use almost all weapons and armor, and he is strong. He can also use a little magic. Olvan is a dwarvish fighter. He's almost just like Kamil, except he is a stronger and faster, but less efficient with magic. Esuna is an elvish mage. He's no good at melee, or with weapons and armor, but he has a lot of black magic spells. Lux is a Tetujun. He's basically a robot, with very little intelligence but one butt-load of strength! Wilme is an alien fighter. He has much better physical attributes than a human but is limited to almost no weapons, armor, or magic. Valsu is a human healer, so he gets very little equipment and attack power, but has all the healing spells. Lastly, Lejes is a demon fighter. He's strong and and can use almost all swords and can cast a good many spells. His downfall is the fact he can't use much armor at all.
There are several suits of armor to be found throughout the game. Always make sure you have your best armor equipped. There are also a large number of weapons, be sure to equip the one with the highest attack bonus. Once collected, the Runes teach their possessor special abilities, and a Crystal Ball map tells you of their placement, as well as that of surrounding towns and enemies.
When you do get into a fight, it's round-based combat. Just go through the menu and pick which action you want your character to preform.

A Button Bring up Menu, Choose
B Button Back
As with any role playing game, information is worth more than anything in the game. Remember to talk to everyone so you don't miss any vital information.
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