Addams Family Values 1994 By: Ocean Software

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The New Arrival Has Disappeared!

Evil nanny, Debbie Jellinsky, has stolen Baby Pubert and only you, Uncle Fester, can save him in an outrageous role-playing adventure--Addams Family style!
Venture through maze-filled gardens and goon-infested swamps. Gather clues and use your Addams charm to con Debbie's "loyal" friends into helping you--for a price!
And maybe with a little Family advice and lots of Addams cunning, you'll be able to rescue Pubert and put your evil bride Debbie... in the hot seat!

--from the back cover of Addams Family Values for SNES

Addams Family Values is challenging but rarely frustrating, once you become adept at fighting and evading it gets easier, and there are no "cheap shots". In my experience, wandering around the expansive regions was enjoyable because I wasn't in constant danger of getting killed, there was so much to look for and find, and the graphics and music kept me amused.


Help Fester, Gomez,
Morticia, Granny, Wednesday, Pugsly, Thing, Lurch & Cousin It find baby Pubert and stop the evil Debby Jelinsky.

Start with full skull energy, all weapons and most items.
Enter the code: BT2BK5DXZBT7YVBYVKVK:1
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