Adventures of Yogi Bear 1994 By: Cybersoft

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Grab your pic-a-nic basket and jump into this zany platform adventure through Jellystone Park. When Yogi catches wind that they are going to turn the park into a power plant, he must run out to stop them. Fight your way through Jellystone park, to get to the Ranger and tell him what they are planning.
Yogi Bear is a great platforming adventure with graphics that are, to say the least, excellent, right down to the background scenes and the funny looking animal enemies. The music in this game is good and keeps with the theme of the game. All in all this fun game is worth playing, so enjoy yourself!


The Adventures of Yogi Bear is a game of jumping around, collecting items, and stomping enemies. Play through five Park areas (10 levels) and collect picnic baskets and stop-watches to collect points. Jump on other park animals such as skunks, birds, rabbits, and the occasional snow-man, that are trying to stop you.
Make sure you keep an eye on the cake in the lower right hand of the screen, because it's your health meter. When you get hit, you lose a piece of cake. When the cake is gone you die, and you only have 4 lives. After clearing each level you move on to the next. Sorry, all you rabid killer bears out there, there are no bosses to tangle with. So get to jumping, and help Jellystone keep its lovely pristine habitat. Good Luck!

A Button N/A
B Button JUMP
X Button N/A
Y Button N/A
Start Button PAUSE
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