Aerobiz 1992 By: KOEI

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Your Competition
In the latter half of the 20th century, airline competition has intensified year by year. Each airline is extending its air routes and making efforts to appeal to new customers. The airlines all share the same goal, that is to connect the world through air routes. In other words, to create a global network.

The competition is tough, and moving people is serious business. However, not all airlines have what it takes to succeed. Minor problems are hard to justify to passengers when other airlines seem to provide the same services. It's up to each airline to make loyal customers out of their passengers from the very start.

The airline companies of today are expected to supply the best transportation available. Convenience, safety and comfort are desired by all passengers. Each airline must continuously invest in maintenance, ad campaigns and special services. It's all a part of their role as a global transporter of people.

Your Goal
You are President and CEO of an airline company.

Your company is provided with a number of airplanes and holding slots in certain cities.

Extend your routes and connect 22 cities of the world through your air routes. Strikes, airplane trouble and world events may hinder your progress. Your goal is to become the most successful airline in the world.

--From the SNES Aerobiz instruction manual.

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