Arkanoid - Doh it Again! 1997 By: Taito

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The Elusive Doh!

For years, Commander Therle and his people have been searching for a new world to call home. Each time they get close, their enemy, Doh, pushes away Therle's ships. Recently, a sensor scan detected new terra-class planets. Therle sent scout ships to check them out, but Doh once again scattered his Blocks across the solar systems to stop the ships. Before the scout ships can reach the planets, they must destroy the Blocks.

--From the SNES Arkanoid - Doh it Again! instruction manual.

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So you may have thought Simpsons when you saw the title, and now you're a bit confused. Well, don't run away just yet. This is a pretty awesome Break-out style game. I love this type of game, and I think this one is a particularly cool one.
I have to say that one of my favorite things about it, corny as it may sound, is the noise the ball makes as it bounces off of things. It's almost musical. You may laugh, but that sound is something you hear over and over in Break-out games, and it's nice to have a pleasant one. Otherwise the sound effects include a nerve-grating electricity sound (caused by one of the enemies) and some O.K. explosions. There isn't any background music on any level, except for the boss level's ominous music.
The graphics are simple but fun for a Break-out game (though the animation of the ball is not very smooth), as they based this one in space. The backgrounds maintain the sci-fi space-ship theme. It's a very original idea to have the paddle be a space ship, I think.


O.K. This isn't all that much different from a traditional Break-out game (you know, the kind you play on the computer at work when your boss isn't looking....), but with a bit of a twist. So ya read the storyline and ya know that it happens in space and you're trying to get through the blocks that the great and evil Doh *wild giggling* have placed in your path to stop you.
As in traditional Break-out, you have a paddle, in this one it's a ship, that you use to bounce a ball against bricks to destroy them. If you miss the ball, it falls off the screen (presumably into the vast darkness of outer space) and you lose a life. Some bricks take more hits than others to break. In this game you also have enemies that can either make it easier or harder to beat that stage. Some get in your way, and some will destroy the blocks near them when you take them out.
Here is a list of what each of the power-ups will Doh, uh, I mean, do. Catching a new power-up when you already have one replaces the current one with the new one unless otherwise noted.

B- Opens a warp point that'll take you to a higher stage. You can catch this one without losing your current power up.
D- Creates the insanity of 8 balls bouncing around destroying blocks.
E- Lengthens your ship, but only the first two times you catch it.
G- Makes your ship 'sticky' so that it catches the ball and holds it. To fire the ball back into play, press A. It won't hold the ball indefinitely.
L- Now your ship can fire lasers! Use them to blast most bricks.
M- The ball will destroy blocks and enemies without bouncing off of them. It will pass right through causing major damage. It does this with all blocks except gold blocks, which can't be destroyed.
P- Extra life. You can catch this one without losing your current power up.
S- Reverts your ship back to normal.
T- Creates an electric-looking catch net on either side of your ship that will bounce the ball back once if you miss it. You can catch other power ups without losing this one.
Doh! Forgot to tell you.... In this game you also have to defeat bosses. Keep smashing away at them 'til you defeat them, and stay outta the way of their debris, shots, and punches (yes, I said punches, but you'll have to play to find out what that means).
When playing in 2 player mode you can either take turns piloting the ship, play simultaneously, or play against each other.

A Button Fire Lasers,
Release Ball
B Button Makes Ship go Faster
X Button Same as A Button
Y Button Same as B Button
Start Button Start Game/ Pause
Select Button N/A
O.K. You Can See it
If you want to know what I meant about punches, you can just go and type in 713Z6!6?!LC2 in the password area, but understand that you won't be prepared!
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