BioMetal 1993 By: Activision

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BioMetal is a super-fast paced space ship shooter. Whew, say that three times fast. This game picks my heart rate up in just the first few seconds of play. If you love shooters, this is one of the more difficult ones out there and you should try it out.
The graphics for this game are awesome! This is one of the most cool looking shooters I've ever seen. I love the dark clouds in the background, the cool looking alien ships, and the weapon fire isn't half bad either. Not only that, but this game sounds pretty awesome too. The music is dark and intense and the sound effects are pretty good (except for one of the weapons that makes a very high-pitched noise when you fire it). Crazy explosions are going off constantly as you fire into the oncoming enemy ships!
Gameplay is very fast and very difficult. So many enemies are coming at you at once that it can get very confusing. Not for the faint of heart!


Welcome to the Milky Way!!!
Your stay here will be filled with lots of happy shooting and much explosioning! Enjoy!
O.K. In the intro. to the game you discover that the ship you will be flying has GAM. GAM is blue spheres that you can set outside your ship that will do many things. Pressing Y will deploy your GAM. The spheres will then orbit your ship, protecting you from most, but not all, forms of damage. A gauge will appear at the bottom of the screen and when it runs out the GAM will disappear again. I recommend that you use them in some other way before this happens. One way to use them after you have deployed them is to press A, which will spray them out in all directions from your ship. They will do damage to any enemies in their path. Of course, you are left defenseless when you do this.

A Button GAM Sphere Spray
B Button Fire Main Weapon
X Button ??
Y Button Deploy GAM
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