Boogerman A Pick and Flick Adventure 1994 By: Interplay Entertainment

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What are you, digging for gold? How many of you have heard this when trying to manually clean your sinuses. Who knew that if you kept it up as much as this man, you'd become a Super-Hero. It snot what you think, though. You've been enlisted to find out where all the pollution is coming from, and you must use your mucus and flatulence to battle your way to its source. Good Luck and Pick Freely, my friend.
This game is full of "interesting" if not disgusting graphics that will have you blowing your nose if not playing for hours. Along with funny but gripping music, it makes this game a rather fun way of passing the time.


In this drippy game, you must run through 20 levels, such as Flatulant Swamp, The Pits, Mucus Mountain, and Boogerville, and fight 4 bosses and 20 minions, such as Hick Boy, Revolta, and Deoder Ant, to get to the final level where you face off against The Booger Meister. Your weapons in this quest are simple: your boogers, gas, and a butt slam. Don't forget, there is no defense other than not getting hit, and you can only get hit three times before you die. The color of your cape shows how much life you have left (yellow is bad). Also, within each level are a series of items that you need to collect, such as capes (which restore your health), plungers, and goop puddles which, at the end of each level will give you an extra life if you've collected enough. So without further adieu, turn on your computer, log-in to Console Classix, pick your nose, and play away. Have Fun, Gamer!

A Button BURP / FART
B Button JUMP
L Button LOOK UP
Start Button PAUSE
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