Bust-A-Move 1995 By: Taito

Bust-A-Move SNES Screenshot Screenshot 1


Hey, all you puzzle-playing game gurus-- it's time to blast some bubbles in Bust-A-Move! Follow the instructions below to get going on all the bubble-bursting action.

--From the SNES Bust-A-Move instruction manual.

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Bust-A-Move was also known as Puzzle Bobble, a reference to its stars, Bubby and Bobby, and their original appearance in the Bubble Bobble series of games. Bust-A-Move isn't much like those games, though. This is a puzzle game in which you try to eliminate different colored bubbles on the screen by getting at least three of the same color side by side. The idea of this relatively simple puzzle game has become extremely popular on the Internet recently, in many variations such as Dynomite, Pop and Drop, and that Snood game everybody was playing a while back.

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