Clay Fighter 1993 By: Interplay

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Clay Fighter came out when fighters were at their peak, using cool 3D graphics in a fighting game. The result was a weird looking fighter that's lacking in game-play but overflowing with novelty. I will give Clay Fighter credit for coming up with something that is imaginative.
The well-rendered but undesirable clay characters are: an Elvis impersonator, a scarecrow, a blob, a fat opera woman, and an evil snowman. Definitely unusual characters. There are some humorous animations and sounds, such as the Elvis saying, "Thank you very much" after defeating someone.
The fighters perform very strange attacks, using their clay form to change shape. While pretty funny and entertaining at first, ultimately it means more sucker punches and less skill shots. And though the Clay Fighters are rendered pretty well, they aren't animated very smoothly, making it hard to make out what's going on in close combat.


It's a one or two player fighter: Kill each other! Pick your fighter and try to beat every other fighter, thus beating the game. Or in two player mode, you can try to beat your friends. The eight different characters are, Bad Mr. Frosty, Blob, Blue Suede Goo, Bonker, Helga, Ichabod Clay, Taffy, and Tiny. Each one has four different special moves to learn. Special moves can be performed by pressing a combination of the attack buttons and the directional pad. For instance, the Blob can perform a ranged attack called clay spit by pressing quarter circle Forward and Punch. Ickabod Clay can perform a teleport move by pressing Down and Y plus B. Bad Mr. Frosty can do a shoulder charge if you press Back, Forward, then Punch. Experiment to find more moves, and use them to your best advantage!

A Button Med. Kick
B Button Quick Kick
X Button Med. Punch
Y Button Quick Punch
L Button Brutal Punch
R Button Brutal Kick
Start Button Pause/Start
Select Button Select
Blob's Buzz Saw
When using Blob's Buzz Saw attack, keep pressing toward your opponent even if he blocks it. This move will keep hitting him several times.
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