Double Dragon 4: Super Double Dragon 1992 By: Tradewest

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"Marion, a beautiful police woman, is a student of kung fu and part time assistant instructor at the martial arts training school run by Billy and Jimmy Lee. As a narcotics investigator, she has disappeared while attempting to infiltrate the ruthless criminal mob known as the Black Shadow Warriors.

It will take all of your incomparable fighting skill and knowledge to find and rescue Marian. Alone, or with the help of your brother, you must face the fearsome onslaught of the Shadow Warriors with the fabled power and ferocity of the DOUBLE DRAGON!

--From the SNES Double Dragon 4: Super Double Dragon instruction manual.

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Double Dragon 4: Super Double Dragon is a very entertaining game. I like the improvements over its predecessors. The best improvement, in my opinion, is the ability to catch a punch and throw the opponent by the arm. Another great improvement was the sounds and music. The music was actually catchy this time and the sound effects sounded much more real. The graphics looked a lot better, of course, because of the capabilities of the SNES. On the down side, it stuck to one of it's old corny story-lines. That was the only bad thing about it. It's a great game, and if you like the Double Dragon series, give this episode a try!


Find and rescue Marian from the Back Shadow Warriors.
A couple of new moves in this update. You have a block button, so it's not just a contest of who can get the most swings in first. If you hit the block button at the right time he will catch the punch, then when you push the attack button he will throw the foe.

A Button Kick
B Button Block
X Button Jump
Y Button Punch
L Button Hold to increase power
R Button Hold to increase power
Start Button Start/Pause
Select Button Select
Defeating Chin easily
The level two Boss, Chin, can be defeated by quickly climbing down the ladders after he appears. Keep climbing downward until the end of level music is played.
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