EarthBound 1994 By: Nintendo

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Can four average kids save the world from certain destruction at the hands of an evil, alien invader? They might be inexperienced, but don't count them out!

The four spunky kids have the fate of mankind in their hands and the weight of the world on their shoulders, so it's a good thing that they have psychic powers -- and you -- on their side. As you begin this unique gaming experience and explore the world in search of the sinister
spirit of Giygas, pack along our travel guide. You'll need it to find your way through EarthBound's twisted and hilarious world, and you won't want to miss a single side-trip or pass up any sights along the way. Just remember to phone dear old Mom and Dad -- after all, the kids will
wander a long way from home.

--from the SNES EarthBound Manual
A game where you can name ALL of your characters and your magic and you don't have to stick with the pathetic excuses for names. That is one of the things I like in an RPG, the ability to personalize the game. It really opens the way for your imagination. EarthBound was probably one of the best RPG's on the SNES. It had pretty good graphics and the sound was awesome. Where this game really shines is in gameplay, it's easy to pick up and lots of fun. Try EarthBound as soon as possible.


Just like any RPG game, walk around until you come around a bunch of enemies and you have to kill them! Later on in the game, you get to lead a full party of other people with great strengths! Gain and save money to buy items, such as weapons.

A Button View command menu
B Button View HP/PP/cash windows
X Button View map
Y Button No use
L Button Check whatever's around you
R Button Ring bicycle bell while riding bike
Start Button No use
Select Button View HP/PP/cash windows
Level 99 Battle (PAR Code)
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