Final Fantasy Mystic Quest 1992 By: Square

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For centuries the Focus Tower had stood at the very heart of the World. It had been a center for trade and knowledge, and the people of the World had met there to peacefully settle their differences. But on one warm summer day, the Tower was suddenly transformed into a symbol of the purest evil. For on that day, powerful monsters battled their way into the Tower, stole the four Crystals of the Earth, and then took off with the magical Coins that had kept the Tower's doors unlocked.

With the Tower doors sealed behind them, the monsters relaxed their guard and turned their attention to the Crystals. As they basked in the radiant glow of the Crystals, the monsters grew stronger and meaner and even more wicked. The more light the monsters consumed, the more the World was drained of its warmth and color. Tremors soon shook the land. The sky grew cloudy and dark. The seasons went berserk. Monsters appeared everywhere and terrorized the people. The World was thrown into total chaos. Something had to be done...

Enter Benjamin. Benjamin was the most normal youngster you could imagine. Like most responsible villagers of his age, he arose at the crack of dawn to take his family's livestock to the upper meadow to graze. Other kids teased him because he read while tending his heard, and because a village Elder had taken him in as a promising student. Although Benjamin seemed mature beyond his years, he still dreamed of being more than he was -- faster, stronger and more daring. Little did he know his wishes were about to be fulfilled the hard way...

--From the SNES Final Fantasy Mystic Quest instruction manual.

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I really liked this installment in the Final Fantasy series. Mystic Quest incorporated some very cool improvements. The gameplay has been improved, letting you choose your battles, and giving more options for exploring the territory. Another improvement in Mystic Quest was the graphics. I liked the graphics in this one better than its predecessors. They looked a little more cartoonish and I like that. The sounds were pretty good too. I like it when they keep some of the same sounds and music from the older games. Final Fantasy Mystic Quest is a great RPG and I suggest you direct a large portion of your life to it. Just kidding! Give it a try though.


Save your world from evil by retrieving the four crystals and reopening the Focus Tower.
Mystic Quest has improved the way you engage in battles. No more random encounters. You see the monsters from a distance and can choose whether or not to engage them. I think that way is more realistic. I realize you could be walking along and sometimes you would come across a sneaky monster that gets the drop on you, but not every one. I also liked the ability to jump and use your weapon on the main screen. It kinda gave it a "Zelda" mood. You could use bombs and find secret passages and other hidden things.

The controls were a little complicated so go here.
SNES Instruction Manual
Unlimited Potions
At the beginning of the game, at the first forest, there is a treasure box containing potions. Take the potions and leave the forest. Now go back to the forest and the box will be full of potions again! Repeat this process until you have as many potions as you want. You can do this in any town, forest, dungeon, etc. that has a treasure box with any healing item in it.
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