Final Fight 1991 By: Capcom

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You Are Now Entering Metro City.
For years, Metro City has been known as the Crime Capital of the World. At the heart of the city's crime problem has been the notorious Mad Gear gang. Each day they tighten their grip on the city.

But one man has risen to break the Mad Gear's strangle hold on the city. Mayor Mike Haggar, a former street fighter, has vowed to track down and arrest every member of the Mad Gear Gang. When the leader of the Mad Gear gang learned of Haggar's plan, he quickly moved to bring the new mayor under his control.

Now Haggar's daughter Jessica is missing and the Mad Gear gang have got her! But they've made one mistake. They've made Haggar fighten' mad and now nothing is going to stop him from getting her back!

--From the SNES Final Fight instruction manual.

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