GP-1 Part 2 1994 By: ATLUS

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GP-1 is back in this high speed sequel that makes the first GP-1 look like kiddy racing. GP-1 has never been like this before, with better bikes and more challenging courses. But don't take my word for it, let the game speak for itself. This game will have you leaning forward in your chair and left and right with the bike as if you were really riding it. So mount up, turn the key, and burn some rubber.
GP-1 Part 2 leaves its predecessor in the dust when it comes to graphics, with more realistic bikes and roads, and even the real-looking speedometer in the corner of the screen. The music in this game is even more high-paced and heart-pounding than the first GP-1. This game is highly recommended and very fun.


GP-1 Part 2 is a high speed racing game that plays much like the original GP-1. There are three modes to chose from: Grand Prix lets you race the computer all over the world and see who is the best of the best. Time Attack is just like the Practice mode of the original game, chose your track and your bike and ride around the track alone to record your time. Also, just like the original, you can go head to head with a friend. In this, however, it gets more in-depth with the bikes. Rather then just being a different color, this game has bikes that are different as far as horse power, handling, and acceleration that you can choose from, so that now you can pick a bike that suits your own style of racing. The tracks range from all around the world, from America to Brazil and even as far as Japan. Forward and Back are still disabled because all you need is right and left. Go faster by hitting the gas and stop by hitting the brake, it's just that simple. Start your engines, boys, and get ready for some high speed racing. So sit down, log in, and have fun.

B Button BRAKE
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