Gradius 3 1991 By: Konami

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In the darkest quadrant of space there churns the vortex of Bad Vibes. Bacterion, it has been called, is a malignant mass that has spawned all that is wicked in the universe. Feeding on the suffering of the innocent, it moves like a germ throughout the galaxy, manifesting itself in unspeakably hideous forms. In the past, Bacterion has only had the power to rear its ugly head on a few isolated occasions. That is, until now.

Being a good Gradian, your history class in primary school was the first place you heard of the ancient Heroic Missions to fight Bacterion. You even got a toy Warp Rattler for your fifth birthday. Those were the days when it was just a chapter in your history book.

History is important to the people of Gradius, as is all the higher pursuits of knowledge, art and music. Gradius has reached a renaissance. Your people are known all throughout the universe as a good and pace loving nation. Who would have known that it would come down to this.

The ancient scholars prophesied that a day would come when the Evil Beast would be unleased after eons of being kept at bay, inflicting a slow and painful death on the entire galaxy. That day has come.

After a heart wrenching journey through the Gradian Desert Lands, you have come to terms with your fate. It is your mission to save all that is good in the universe. You must defeat the diabolical entities that plague Gradius and the surrounding planets. Fare thee well, brave warrior.

--From the SNES Gradius 3 instruction manual.

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Are you ready for some out-of-this-world action? Then play Gradius III! This game is like most scrolling space shooters: fly through the galaxy and shoot the enemy ships. Good luck! You're the galaxy's last hope.
I might have expected a little more than what's offered in the game, but this is an early SNES game. Good work Konami for making this quality game!


Your goal is to complete several action-packed levels by shooting the enemies that come towards you and use the powerups that lay around the levels. Before you start, you can choose from a preconfigured list of powerups or select your own in Edit mode. After that, you can start showing the enemies who's boss. In the levels, you can grab a pod with an orange center to go up through the powerup selection. Blue pods destroy all enemies on the screen. Be prepared as they get smarter as you pass the levels. The only flaw is that the two-player mode is alternating.

A Button Use powerup, confirm
B Button Fire, cancel
Start Button Pause, confirm
Select Button Select from menu
Press Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Start
Get All Powerups
Press Up, Up, Down, Down, L, R, L, R, B, A, Start. Only works once per credit.
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