Judge Dredd 1995 By: Acclaim

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The Law

The few inhabitable areas left in America are sprawling metropolitan areas covering what used to be the states. In between the three Mega- Cities lies the wasted radiation desert called the Cursed Earth, created during the Great Atomic War of 2070, where mutants spawn and retiring Judges go for The Long Walk...A world where automation and robotics have made unemployment the rule, where caffeine dealers risk their lives to sell a quick jolt to restless, embittered citizens, and where mere littering can earn you jail time in an Iso-Cube.

Welcome to Mega-City One, home to 400 million citizens. Here up to 60,000 people exist in soulless self-contained city blocks that provide cradle-to Resyk living, if the inhabitants aren't destroyed in the vicious intra-block rivalries that erupt into Block Wars. Within the dreary confines of this enormous sprawl, order is no longer kept by a police force. In the year 2139 A.D., the seething citizens of the world are judged not by their peers, but by Judges, unforgiving, authoritarian keepers of the peace who believe in speedy justice. Justice is dispatched on the spot.

Judge Dredd finds himself on the wrong side of the law as unseen forces work to bring him down

--From the SNES Judge Dredd instruction manual.

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