Killer Instinct 1995 By: Nintendo/ Rareware

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Fight and defeat your opponent by kicking, punching, using combos and special moves. Defeat you opponent, and move on to the next match, until you defeat them all!


Try to defeat your opponent before he defeats you. Try to empty his life bar by kicking, punching, and using special moves. Emptying the life bar will result in victory.
Each character has different special moves, each having a different button order. Find out how to do a special move, and use it to bring down your opponent's life bar.
Along with using special moves, use combos (repeated hits) to get bonus points for a higher score. Using combos will also help you win faster.

A Button Fierce Kick
B Button Medium Kick
X Button Fierce Punch
Y Button Medium Punch
L Button Weak Punch
R Button Weak Kick
Start Button Pause game
Select Button N/A
Easy Combo Breakers
During the vs. screen, press Down and Start at the same time.
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