Lagoon 1990 By: Zoom

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The Lagoon Story Goes:
The story takes place in Lakeland, a wealthy country filled with people that love their families. Everything was going well until the people of Lakeland noticed they had a bit of a water problem. As it turns out, a being known as Zerah polluted all the lakes and rivers in Lakeland. A lot of people became ill and some of them were dying. Zerah has
done this in an attempt to release an evil spirit that is hiding beneath Lagoon Castle. He has also lifted Lagoon Castle into the clouds so no one can reach it. In the midst of this, the country needs a hero! Who better to answer this call than, Nasir, the Champion of Light? It will be your quest to go through unknown lands fraught with peril. You will encounter demons and monsters along the way. There will also be riddles to figure out, and information to gather. Before the end, you must defeat Zerah and bring peace to the land. Good luck!


Lagoon is a lot of fun to play. It's kind of a mix between an adventure and an RPG. It's got a few RPG elements, but it isn't round based combat. It is pretty tough to beat. It would take a good while. It's a little confusing at first, because you have to buy your weapons at the armor shop, not the weapons shop. It would seem that the Japanese translators were confused about the definitions of armor and weapons. Lagoon is a great game. What are you waiting for? Go play!

A Button Jump, Access subscreens
B Button Attack
L Button Use Items
R Button Use Magic
Start Button Start, Show Menu
Select Button Menu
Recover Life and Magic
You will notice you take damage, but if you stand still, you will slowly recover HP. This also applies when using magic. Use this to your advantage. This will not work in boss fights, though.
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