Magic Sword 1993 By: CAPCOM

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Greetings, Hero. You stand at the entrance of Dragon Tower to defeat the evil Drokkmar. Save you allies that are hidden within the tower and will help you along your way. It's up to you to save the land from Drokkmar's evil reign of terror. But be sure not to let your greed take over. Good Luck hero, you're gonna need it.
Magic Sword is a wonderful beat'em-up game that is similar to Golden Axe. The graphics in this game are good, with somewhat realistic magical effects and interesting monsters. The music is this game is adventurous and keeps you sucked into the game, just as must as the gameplay itself. I highly recommend this game for all players.


You play the Hero in this beat'em-up game as you run through Dragon Tower to rid the world of the Evil Overlord, Drokkmar. Run through all 50 levels of the tower, wielding your Magic Sword as you go, to get to the evil overlord. Defeat the bosses, which are the overlord's wizards transformed into evil dragon-like creatures. From them you can gain upgraded swords. Use your magic to defeat the overlord's armies that await you in the tower, such as skeleton's, gargoyles, and ogres. Smash chests to get upgraded shields and food which increase your health. Be sure to keep an eye on your health, which is in the lower left hand corner of the screen. Coming into contact with enemies, traps, and water will deplete your health. Your health also depletes over time, so be sure to eat food to keep from dying; also you only have three lives, so fight carefully.
Along your way you will collect keys which you can use to open doors and free your friends imprisoned within the tower, just stand in front of a locked door and press up. Your allies will fight alongside you in your quest, although only one ally will fight with you at a time. Your allies include thieves, archers, wizards, barbarians, and knights. Collect coins from slain enemies to get points, and after collecting so many points, a food fairy will come by and give you food. So get on your computer and draw your sword. The freedom of your land rests in your hands.

B Button JUMP
Y Button MAGIC
Start Button PAUSE
Select Button NOTHING
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