Magical Quest Starring Mickey Mouse 1992 By: CAPCOM

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Pluto has disappeared but his friend Mickey is looking for him. Mickey follows Pluto's tracks and comes to a magic world filled with climbing plants and strange creatures. But a mysterious, dark shadow watches over the land that isn't as peaceful as it seems like.

On his way through the land Mickey meets a nice, wise old wizard that tells Mickey that the evil emperor Peter has kidnapped poor Pluto. Mickey takes fresh courage and swears to rescue his dog friend and starts walking towards Peter's castle. It won't be an easy task for young Mickey. Emperor Peter has casted a ring of dark magic over the land and everybody knows that he is looking for Mickey!

Mickey has to overcome buzzing bees when he runs and jumps through the mysterious land. When he jumps on their heads they get dizzy. Then Mickey can pick the bees up and throw them away. Look for hearts that keep Mickey's strength on top, because when Mickey looses all his hearts, he has no strength left.

Look out for Emperor Peter's special guards. Use magic or whatever to defeat them and save the land.

--From the SNES Magical Quest Starring Mickey Mouse instruction manual.

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Oh no! Pluto is missing and it's up to Mickey to find him. And who could be behind this whole thing? You guessed it, Peg-leg Pete. So now, with the help of a kindly old wizard, Mickey must journey through this game's many levels to find Pluto. Good Luck Mickey, you're gonna need it.
Magical Quest is a fun game that will have you playing for hours (if you want to beat it, that is). The one draw-back of this game is that you cannot save, but thanks to Console Classix, you can use the Save State option. This game has wonderful graphics that are good even for SNES standards, with the magical effects, detailed enemies, and outfits. The music in this game is lively and fun and helps set the mood for the gameplay. So sit down, log in, and have fun.


Magical Quest is a fun side-scrolling platform game starring Mickey Mouse on his quest to rescue Pluto from the evil Peg-leg Pete. Run through all six levels which include Treetops, Dark Forest, Fire Grotto, Foothills, Mountains, and Pete's Castle. Along your way you will pick up items such as coins (which raise you score), fruit (which will give you an extra life if you collect enough), and hearts (which raise your life). Your health is in the upper center of the screen, and your remaining lives are above that. When you run out of lives you can continue, which puts you back at the beginning or the last check point you passed (Don't worry, you have unlimited continues).
Along the way, you will run into a wizard that gives you advice as well as outfits which give you different powers. These outfits are: the magician's outfit, which will let you shoot out a magic bolt; a fireman's outfit, which lets you shoot a spray of water; and a mountain climber's outfit that will let you grapple up the side of a mountain. The outfits and the remaining power of the outfits are on the bottom of the screen. You can also find Genie Lamps, Fire Hydrants, and grappling hooks which replenish your outfit powers.
Run through the levels and fight the bosses at the end of each. The level bosses are Pete in a different form, such as: Worm Pete, Spider Pete, Fire Pete, and Goat Pete. At the end of the game you will fight Peg-leg Pete (which is the hardest fight in the game) and save Pluto. Play alone or with a friend. Two players can take turns playing Mickey when the other dies. So Good Luck, Mickey, and please, save Pluto!

B Button JUMP / SWIM
Start Button PAUSE
Select Button NOTHING
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