Maui Mallard in Cold Shadow 1996 By: Nintendo

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From the Diary of Hernae
Acolyte Sorceress to the Temple of Shabuhm Shabuhm

Legends foretell a time of strife, when Shabuhm Shabuhm, guardian of the gates of vile darkness, shall fall from his place of power. All hope for the island will rest with a wanderer, a reluctant hero caught up in the end of the world, poised to save it, or to condemn it for all time...

The Name's Mallard. Maui Mallard.
I arrived here a washed up shell of the duck I used to be. And I liked it just fine. I'd played the game, now I'd cashed in my chips and bought a one-way ticket to oblivion. It was time to crawl into a coconut shell and hide beneath a paper umbrella. Yes, oblivion was my kind of place. But SHE walked in the door and changed my life. Brother, she had gams up to her neck... But enough about her. Let's talk about you. What do YOU think of her? No wait, let's talk about this journal you're holding in your hot little hands. On its pages you'll find my notes on File 35: The Case of the Missing Mojo. Believe me, everything I've written here is as true as the sky is blue, the grass is green and her hair that carried the soft scent of fresh wildflowers... oh, sorry. So as I prepare to board a ship that will take me away from the nightmare that has been my life, I take one last look through this chicken scratch (er, make that MALLARD scratch), and recall the frosty and ferocious foes I had to battle. From the vicious MudDrakes and their giant Frog God to the Witch Doctor and his powerful mojo spells, I can't help thinking that for a guy with a death wish like me, this place was a dream come true. Maybe I'll stick around for a while after all...

--From the SNES Maui Mallard in Cold Shadow instruction manual.

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