Mortal Kombat 1993 By: Acclaim

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For ages it was a tournament of honor and glory. Noble warriors from around the world we invited to take part, each seeking to win the title of Grand Champion.

But that was a long time ago... Before the tournament was corrupted by the evil demon Shang Tsung, a warrior who took not only the lives of his opponents, but their very souls...

With the aid of his pupil, Goro, a hideous half-human dragon, Tsung began a domination of the contest which has lasted for centuries. Today, 500 years later, the contest begins anew as warriors once again gather to partake in Mortal Kombat.

Let The Tournament Begin!

--From the SNES Mortal Kombat instruction manual.

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The story isn't very important, but the fighting is. You start with the main menu that lets you choose between Tournament and Options. Tournament gets you to the action, and Options lets you set up the game to your liking. After selecting Tournament, you get to select between seven great fighters: Johnny Cage, Kano, Raiden, Liu Kang, Scorpion, Sub-Zero, and Sonya. The game goes through the ladder from a random playable character to the all-powerful Shang Tsung.
Mortal Kombat is a decent game that I really enjoyed, but I'm improving since the first time I played. The bad thing about it is that the blood was replaced with sweat because Nintendo used to have a policy that only allowed "family-friendly" games. The Genesis and arcade versions have blood in them. Fortunately, when the ESRB ratings started, all versions of MK2 and later have blood in them.


Fight to the bloody death in this start of a very popular series. During battle, you have to punch and kick the other guy to get his life down to red. On the final round, the winner can perform a fatality on the loser, which involves the winner performing a very violent act. If you want two players, the second player can press Start at the character selection screen.

A Button Low Kick
B Button Low Punch
X Button High Kick
Y Button High Punch
L Button Block
R Button Block
Start Button Start Game
Select Button Nothing
Change Sweat Into Blood
This is a Game Genie code. To use it press Escape, click on Cheat, and Add Code. Where it says "Enter Code", type in BDB4-DD07 (with the dash), put in a description, and click on "Add". Repeat for DDB4-DFA7 using the same description. Close the "Cheat" box in ZSNES and reset the game.
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