Ms. Pac-Man 1996 By: Midway

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Ms. Pac-Man gets to run around in 36 unique, mind-boggling mazes, some small enough to fit on one screen; some so big you'll have to scroll around; some that are mighty strange; and some that are straight out of the arcades!

Whether you're a beginner or expert, Ms Pac-Man will have you running ragged. There's even a Pac Booster Button to really let her shake-off those pesky ghosts.

--From the SNES Ms. Pac-Man instruction manual.

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Another great update of the Pac-Man series. Ms. Pac-Man wakka-wakkas around the maze eating dots and dodging ghosts, or chasing the ghosts when she eats a Power Pellet. Great graphics and sound make this an excellent choice in the Pac-Man line.
This is one of the most awesome looking Pac-Man games around, with several different kinds of mazes, and you get to choose which you want to play! It also has the great cut scenes every few levels that we all love. The stages are colorful and have strange and unique designs that are different from what you might be used to. The noises and music are just what you'd expect them to be for a Pac-Man game.

This is definitely one of my favorite games and it is very addictive!


Guide Ms. Pac-Man around all kinds of different mazes, eating all of the little dots. Just be careful that you don't get eaten by a ghost yourself! Turn the tables on the ghosts by grabbing a Power Pellet, which is larger than the rest. When you eat a Power Pellet the ghosts will all change from their normal differing colors to a bright blue. Their expressions also change to white simplified squiggles. Quick! While they're like that eat as many as you can for extra points! When you've eaten one it will turn into just eye-balls that run around the screen until they make it back into the center box, where it will turn back into whichever ghost it originally was. When the Power Pellet is about to wear off, the ghosts will begin to flash white. Use the wrap-around holes in the sides of the maze to move from one side to the opposite side in a flash, but watch out. You can easily run into a ghost who is on the other side.
This version of Ms. Pac-Man has difficulty settings ranging from Easy, which is pretty easy, to Crazy, which is exactly that. Also, you can choose from several maze sets, including Arcade, Big, Mini, and Strange (my favorite!). All of them will have completely different looks, but be careful in the Strange ones because some places may look like you can fit through but you can't! Also a cool option in this version, you can speed Ms. Pac-Man up by using the Pac-Booster. You can turn it on and off by pressing A or B, or have it always on or always off. Just pick the setting you prefer in the Options menu.
Pick up all kinds of fruit (and a pretzel) for lots of extra points. The fruit will come bouncing into the stage from one of the wrap-around portals. You will easily be able to tell when one has come onto the screen from the noise that they make.

Joy Stick/ D-pad Move Ms.Pac-Man
Start Button Pause Game
A or B Button Pac-Booster
Confuse 'Em
Whenever you find yourself cornered by ghosts, bottled into an area that you feel there is no escape from, don't give up hope immediately. While this does not always work, sometimes you can get the ghosts to change the direction they are moving in if you move back and forth or up and down really quickly. This seems to confuse them about where you are going and works better the further they are from you.
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