Ninja Warriors 1994 By: Tatio

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The evil Banglar and his armies have finally crushed the rebels, yay! No wait, the rebels are the good guys. Oh well, the good guys can't win 'em all. But do not fret, the rebels made three experimental androids that are now programed to assassinate the evil Banglar (don't ask me who programed them, with the rebels dead).
Ninja Warriors is a good video game that is actually the sequel to an arcade model of the same name. The game itself is rather different when it comes to gameplay. For instance, rather then moving up steps and jumping onto platforms, the game now involves side-scrolling action that keeps you on the same level.
The graphics of this game are rather good, with explosions and parts of the background that can be destroyed. The music is good as well, with different tunes for all eight levels and additional scores for the bosses. This game is a beat'em-up at it best, with no thinking involved, just straight beat'em-up.


Ninja Warriors is a beat'em-up game in which three android ninjas- Ninja, Kunoichi and Kamaitachi- must fight their way through eight levels in order to get the evil Banglar. Each ninja has different attacks: Kunoichi uses knives and a sword, Ninja uses his fists and nunchuks, and Kamaitachi uses sickles that are attached to his arms. Each android is also equipped with a blast that knocks everyone down. Fight through each level to get the boss at the end, which is a robot that progressively gets harder as you go up in levels. Sometimes you will be faced off with two large robots. Along with the bosses, there are smaller enemies that you will have to fight as well. The Bosses are larger robots in the sense that they are bigger then you; and watch out, because some of them have special abilities like turning invisible and launching rockets. The best strategy is to run in and beat the crap out of them as quick as you can. Defeat the robots and watch them blow apart with a pretty cool graphics display.
Scattered around each level are objects that you can pick up and throw at enemies. Be sure to keep an eye on your health which is at the bottom of the screen; if it runs out, you blow up. Don't worry, though, you can pick up energy packs along your way, and if that fails you have unlimited lives, and you get the chance to choose another of the three androids or keep the same one. All in all, this game is worth playing and beating, considering that you can keep playing without running out of lives. So plug in and play away!

X Button BLAST
Start Button PAUSE
Select Button NOTHING
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