Nosferatu 1994 By: Seta

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Kyle’s Quest

As the passing day resides into night a cold and dark presence overwhelms the land. Looming in the midnight, shadowing the dead ground below, is the accursed castle of Nosferatu. Ancient in history, deadly in the present, this remnant of times past has griped the land with death and terror.

Nosferatu, creature of night, a name feared by all. His reign of terror stretches across the land with unspeakable horrors. Those few who have seen him dare not speak his name. Those unfortunate to meet him have never been seen again.

Only one races to end the terror. Only one with the courage of many takes to arms to rid the land of Nosferatu. Kyle, driven by his quest, races to save his fair maiden taken by Nosferatu. Time is a factor as he draws closer to the castle. Many obstacles lay ahead, but Kyle has no remorse for those in his path.

An army of darkness awaits. Kyle’s Quest will be long and hard.

--From the SNES Nosferatu instruction manual.

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