Out of this World 1992 By: Interplay

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Story of Lester Knight Chaykin

The laboratory was engulfed in a sea of storm. This in no way disheartened young nuclear scientist Lester Knight Chaykin as he raced towards the lab in his Ferrari. It would take more than a storm to keep him from trying his new experiment. In his excitement, he barely noticed the dark clouds looming on the horizon. Even if he had, there was no way for Lester to even imagine the events that were about to take place.

The violence of the brewing storm was soon forgotten once Lester stepped into the quiet of the elevator. His slow descent into the lab only seemed to create more excitement Lester could almost feel electricity in the air. Spending some time away from his lab had helped him to understand his earlier errors. With this new understanding, Lester was sure that his new particle acceleration experiments would be perfect.

Before he could gain entrance to the lab, Lester had to wait impatiently for the security scan. Lester was ready to begin his experiment and didn't have time for what he thought were unnecessary security measures. Through the security door Lester stepped into the mess he called his office. The piles of notes, empty soft drink cans and pizza boxes were a testimonial to the long hours of work that had passed before. Lester flipped a switch and with a beep his computer snapped to life. He quickly entered his password and began to enter the parameters for his new experiment.

Now, he had only to wait. As he had done a hundred times before, Lester kicked back with a cold soda while the computer chugged away with the test. Any minute the computer would give him the results and he would know if he had indeed made a breakthrough. But outside, the storm had other plans for tonight. As Lester sat watching his experiment run to perfection, the storm unleashed a tremendous bolt of lightning. The wave of electricity cut through the cool night air like a knife and hit the laboratory with deadly accuracy. Lester was unaware of what was happening outside. Just as the computer activated the accelerator the bolt of lightning found its way into the system with almost willful precision. As Lester sat with his icy cold soft drink, what was certain to be his demise was racing towards him through the accelerator at the speed of light. The bolt hit the end of the accelerator and exploded through the wall unleashing the fury that only a bolt of lightning is capable of. It coiled around Lester like a python until a massive charge was built up. Detonating in a brilliant flash of light, only an empty space was left where Lester used to be....

--From the SNES Out of this World instruction manual.

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