Pac-In-Time 1995 By: Namco

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The evil Ghost Witch has cast a vicious spell on Pac-Man and thrown him back in time to when he was a Pac-Boy. Only you can save him now. Down some Pac-Pellets and get ready to battle your way through a totally supersonic side-scrolling adventure. Journey through snowy mountains and forests, collect fireballs and bubbles, crush Pac-Bats and ghosts, swim like a fish and swing like a monkey...and ultimately get Pac-Man back to the real world!

--From the SNES Pac-In-Time instruction manual.

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Pac-In-Time is a bit of an unusual platformer, and definitely a change of pace from most Pac-Man games. Defeat the Ghost Witch and her minions to help return Pac-Man to his proper time and place.
Pac-In-Time was a pretty good-looking game for the SNES system. Nice and cartoonish, good backgrounds and sprites, decent animation. The sounds seemed a bit behind the times, but not bad enough to detract from playing the game.

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