Pac-Man 2: The New Adventures 1994 By: Namco

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Welcome to Pac-World!

You are about to enter a cartoon universe that is home to the greatest video-game hero ever: Pac-Man! In Pac-World, Pac-Man is free to explore every nook and cranny of a wild and wacky cartoon land. Along the way, he goes on some way-out adventures (and even runs into a little trouble). The world's first interactive cartoon concludes with a battle against the Ghost Witch of Netor to return all the stolen bubble gum to the kids of Pac-City!

--From the SNES Pac-Man 2: The New Adventures instruction manual.

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Another update of the popular Pac-Man series. This new version is more of an interactive cartoon than a video game. Pac-Man and his family have normal problems like any family might have, like needing milk for the baby. These little problems are Pac-Man's "missions" which you must help him solve. Unfortunately you don't control Pac-Man directly, but you guide him by trying to call his attention to certain things, manipulating obstacles in his path, and shooting him a Power Pellet when he needs a Super Pac-Man boost.
Beware, in addition completing to Pac-Man's tasks, you also have to watch out for the good ol' ghosts. They'll come looking for you and try to ruin Pac-Man's life and hurt the ones he loves. But don't relax just because you don't see any bad guys, there are lots of other ways for Pac-Man to hurt himself if you let him.

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