Paperboy 2 1991 By: Mindscape

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It's early morning and the birds are singing. That familiar "TWAP!" could only mean one thing--look out, the Paperboy is back! Paperboy 2 is a daredevil stunt rider with a new look - he's a boy or she's a girl! The neighborhood has changed too! There are more types of houses, including mansions, haunted houses, and kids' club houses. There are also more obstacles, such as gargoyles, ghosts, and sewer monsters. Luckily, Paperboy 2 has improved steering ability and can deliver to both sides of the street. Nonetheless, Paperboy 2 still needs help (and skill) to survive the hazards of the suburban jungle!

--from the SNES Paperboy 2 instruction booklet
Deliver the paper to subscribers' mailboxes. At the end of the route, if you did a good job you'll get more subscribers, if you missed a house or broke their windows, people will cancel their subscription and you may get fired!

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