Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure 1995 By: Pony Canyon

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Many years ago there was a daring adventurer who traveled the world in search of ancient legends and lost treasures. His journeys took him across the seven seas and to the ends of the earth. He ventured into vast, uncharted regions filled with unthinkable dangers. As word of his exploits filtered back to civilization, he soon became larger than life...a legend. This great explorer was Pitfall Harry.

After many successful quests, Harry settled down to raise his son, Harry Junior. Having inherited his fatherճ love of the unknown, Harry Jr. grew up to become a hip 18-year-old with a deep sense of adventure- and a bit of an attitude. He quickly learned the thrill of exploration and discovery and soon experienced many exciting quests of his own.

Hearing of his sonճ thrilling escapades, Pitfall Harry realized how much he longed for the life he once knew. So together the daring duo set off for the jungles of Central America in search of the lost treasures of the Mayans.

But something went terribly wrong...

Day 3--The Mayan Adventure

After days of traveling through the jungle, Harry Jr. and I have finally reached the heart of the ancient Mayan Empire. Its been a long journey, but the real danger lies ahead... For we are close to discovering the lost treasure of Vaxactun.

According to legend, the treasure is guarded by the spirit of an ancient Mayan warrior--Zakelua: Lord of Evil. Thousands of years ago, Zakelua attempted to conquer the Mayan lands so he could rule the Empire. After many battles, he was finally defeated, never to be seen again...

I have recorded my research on Mayan culture and legend in the following pages. If something should happen to me, it is my hope that Harry Jr. take my personal log and use it as a guide to continue our quest. I only hope that it will be enough help--if ever it must be used...



Pitfall Harry has been taken captive by the dreaded warrior spirit Zakelua: Lord of Evil. Armed with only a trusty sling and his fathers journal, young Harry Jr. must now venture into the unknown to rescue his father...before it's too late!

--From the SNES Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure instruction manual.

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