Plok 1993 By: Tradewest

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Everyone knows that Plok is simply crazy about flags (of course you do!). He has them everywhere. He uses them to mark out which parts of Akrillic (he thinks) belongs to him. His flags are all over the place!

Now, what you may not know is that Plok has a particular favorite flag, a big square one with a picture of himself on it. He keeps this special flag on top of his own house so that he can see it every day when he gets up and every night when he returns from a hard day of... uh, of being Plok!

If you were a despicable character and you wanted to upset Plok or get him out of the way for some reason, what would you do? Hide his special flag? Well, thatís exactly what happened today!

Somebody, he doesnít know who, has stolen his special flag and placed it on nearby Cotton Island. As you can imagine, Plok is hopping mad about this. First thing this morning he set off in his boat to retrieve his property. But knowing Plok, heís not gonna leave it at that. Nope, no way!

Anyway, thatís the story so far, but there may be more to this business than meets the eye...

--From the SNES Plok instruction manual.

All copies are in use - 2 copies are available for full accounts.
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