Porky Pig's Haunted Holiday 1995 By: Acclaim

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Every hard-working pig deserves a vacation, especially Porky Pig. On the evening before his vacation, Porky retires to bed with pleasant thoughts, but something frightening has invaded his dreams.
Porky tosses and turns through six scary nightmare worlds. He'll confront ghosts and leprechauns and creepy crawling creatures in the Haunted Woods, Dry Gulch Town, Abandoned Mines and a Castle. He'll wade through the undisturbed waters of Atlantis and explore the snow-capped setting of the Alps. Every time Porky enters his dream the weather changes, it can be a bright sunny day or a desolate snowy blur. So hold onto your pillow, it's going to be a rough night!

--from the SNES Porky Pig's Haunted Holiday instruction manual

While Porky is at home, looking through his brochure, planning his vacation, he drifts off to sleep, and winds up in a haunted, evil place full of monsters and tiny leprechauns! So Porky must set out to...well....get out of his dream. I guess you could just wake up. Too bad 'ol Porky didn't know that!


This is, simply put, a platformer. You jump on baddies to kill them. You'll also find red X's around. Go for them! Because they serve as save points. There are also cupcakes scattered, which don't serve a real purpose.

A Button Throw
B Button Jump
X Button View
Y Button Throw
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