Primal Rage 1995 By: Time Warner Interactive Inc.

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"In the future... civilization died... in the cataclysms. The Draconians were born... from the death... of old earth. Who will rule the new Urth?"

Primal Rage is basically Street Fighter with monsters. Choose from seven monsters (some which are clones of each other) and claw your way through the opponents in story mode, train in training mode, or battle your friend in 2P mode.

Compared to the Genesis version, this has both advantages and disadvantages. Yet both have strong disadvantages compared to the original arcade version.


Conquer "Urth" as one of seven huge beasts. Dominating other beasts and gaining worshippers along the way.

A Button Lower Fierce
B Button Lower Quick
X Button Upper Fierce
Y Button Upper Quick
L Button Upper Quick
R Button Lower Quick
Start Button Pause
Select Button n/a
Extra Options
At the main menu press Left, Left, Left, Right, Right, Left, Left, Right, Right, Right, Left, and Right. A "Cheats" menu will appear.
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