Prince of Persia 1992 By: Konami

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Welcome to an age where people are hard working and the arts are flourishing.
Welcome to ancient Persia.

The kingdom of Persia is at the peak of its civilization and people's lives are filled with pleasure. One day, the sultan of the kingdom goes off on an expedition and leaves the princess and the government in the hands of his most trusted confidant, the Grand Vizier Jaffar.

However, unbeknown to the sultan, Jaffar is secretly plotting to take over the kingdom, and with the sultan gone, he is poised to make his move.

Jaffar begins his revolt and orders his servants to kidnap the princess. She has fallen in love with a young adventurer from a foreign land. Jaffar orders his guards to abduct the young lovers as they sit on the palace lawn talking happily to each other.

The princess is locked in the top of the gate tower and held against her will. Jaffar, in order to capture the power that he covets, plans to exterminate the sultan and marry the princess. He presents her with an ultimatum--marry him or face a horrible demise. To make matters worse, Jaffar has only given her two hours to decide!

Worried for the safety of the princess, the young adventurer manages to escape from prison. Now he must fight his way from the depths of the palace's dungeons to the gate tower to free the princess, and earn the chance to become...Prince of Persia!

--From the SNES Prince of Persia instruction manual.

All copies are in use - 2 copies are available for full accounts.
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