Prince of Persia 2 1996 By: Capcom

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WHEN YOU STOWED AWAY ON A SHIP BOUND FOR PERSIA, little did you dream that would fall in love with the Sultanís beautiful young daughter. Still less could you have imagined that you, an unknown adventurer with neither wealth nor title, would win her hand and be hailed by an adoring population as the new Prince of Persia.

In fact, the Sultan has counted on marrying his daughter, if not to a king, then at least to a prince whose wealth and stature would favorably complement his own. The thought of giving her up to someone such as yourself upset the Sultan so much that he nearly ordered your head cut off on the spot.

Only the Princessís quick intervention saved your life. And only by means of the most eloquent pleading (backed by copious tears) was she able to persuade her father to grant your request. So it was that Persia gained a new Prince.

This, at least, is how you remember it.

Until, one morning, you enter the throne room and find your place at the Princessís side already taken by someone who bears a disturbing resemblance to you. Worse, even the Princess doesnít recognize you.

At a word from the ďPrinceĒ, the Sultanís guards lay hold of you. This is no time to argue. You break free and leap through the stained-glass window on the rooftop of the palace. With every guard in Persia after you, you barely escape with your life by jumping onto a merchant ship.

As the wind carries you away from Persia, ever further away from the Princess and the happiness that was all too briefly yours, you vow that from this moment on you will live only to find your way back. You donít know who your enemy is, nor how you will defeat him...but between you and the solution to his mystery lies your greatest adventure yet.

--From the SNES Prince of Persia 2 instruction manual.

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