Push-Over 1992 By: Ocean

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G.I. ANT is a soldier ant. He's extremely clever, and highly trained in tactical maneuvers. What's more, he's extraordinarily strong and super smart! His latest mission is to gain access to the crazy world of Captain Rat's Treasure Caves. Very straightforward..... NOT!

You see, this particular cave is a tunnel entrance to Domino Domain - a mini- world comprised of nine different continents. G.I. must negotiate many screens of mind-teasing problems. Each level has a door to the next. To open the door, the 'Trigger' domino-block must be felled by causing a chain reaction with all of the other domino-blocks in that level. Pretty easy..... NOT!

--From the SNES Push-Over instruction manual.

All copies are in use - 2 copies are available for full accounts.
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