Romance of the Three Kingdoms 3: Dragon of Destiny 1992 By: KOEI

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Until the second century A.D. in China, the clan of Han controlled the Dragon's Throne, the Emperor's seat of power. Over successive generations the Throne was occupied by descendants of Han with little contest. There came a day, however, when the Throne was left unguarded and an ambitious warlord saw his chance to install new power at the palace. For the next century, China was torn apart by warlords, each seeking to unite the people under a new dynasty.
Romance of the Three Kingdoms III: Dragon of Destiny is the third game in the Koei Historical Simulation Series which recounts the history of China during the Three Kingdoms period. This game includes over 500 historical characters, and highlights rulers such as Cao Rui and Liu Chan who were destined to rise to power after their fathers, Cao Cao and Liu Bei. Six scenarios cover the three kingdoms period. Play an historical ruler, or create your own ruler and subordinates. Civil officers will aid your domestic endeavors and military officers will bring skill to your war tactics. Gain control of China and the Dragon Throne will be yours!

--from the SNES Romance of the Three Kingdoms 3 instruction booklet

The third edition of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms series is truly a masterpiece of strategic gaming. This version brings in some major changes including much more detailed control over your generals and officers. Taking advantage of this gives you more options for your domestic life and your battles and wars.
The graphics are much improved over previous editions, and most importantly, the sound is a lot better. The music won't drive you mad, and the effects are actually pretty good.
So get out there and conquer (I mean unite) all your squabbling neighbors. You could be the next Emperor of China!

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